About Us at Zen Vet

Meet Dr. Callie Stokes BSc BVMS MANZCVS (Veterinary Behaviour)



  • Dr Callie graduated as a Veterinary Surgeon from Murdoch University, Perth in 2004. 
  • Since then she has worked in various veterinary roles including both small and large animal veterinary medicine. 
  • With a special interest in animal behaviour she has advanced her skills in this field.
  • Dog and cat behaviour problems can be complex. They can be a source of distress and frustration for owners. 
  • Zen Vet was created by Dr. Callie to assist in keeping pets and their owners living more in harmony. She looks forward to working with you and your pet to resolve the behaviour problem.
  • Dr Callie is a member of the Australian Veterinary Association, the Australian Small Animal Veterinarian as well as the Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group. 

Dr. Callie was raised on a Farm in Country Victoria


  •  Callie's upbringing on the family farm in rural Victoria was the inspiration for her veterinary career. 
  • She spent her childhood years raising pet lambs, moving sheep with her Dad, riding horses,  playing with the kelpies and caring for sick and injured animals. 
  • Dr. Callie was involved in positive animal training techniques from a young age. 
  • Over the years she has raised a menagerie of different animals and they have all taught her something new about animal behaviour and how important it is to respect this human to animal bond.

Meet "Summer" - The inspiration for Zen Vet


  • After owning a dog that suffered from separation anxiety Dr Callie decided there needed to be easier options available for owners. 
  • With more dogs and cats being affected by behaviour problems than any other condition and this being the highest cause for euthanasia, Dr. Callie wanted to do more. 
  • The purpose of Zen Vet is to assist in reducing the hard struggle that owning a pet with a behaviour problem can cause. 
  • The treatment strategies are based on the best available scientific evidence and include positive reinforcement techniques.