Understanding Euthanasia

How will I know when it is the right time?


As a guide you should consider: 

  • Is your pet's quality of life deteriorating?
  • Is your pet in pain or discomfort that cannot be alleviated by medical treatment?
  • Is the treatment of your pet's condition no longer possible?
  • Is your pet suffering from ongoing lack of appetite or vomiting? 

At home Euthanasia: compassion + calmness.


A home euthanasia allows the pet's last moments to be more comfortable and relaxed. Pet owners find they can grieve freely in the their own home with their loved ones present. Some owners choose to play music or light a candle as a remembrance for their pet's special life journey. 

Deciding as an owner - to be present or not?


This can be a very personal decision. The family is always allowed to stay with the pet during every step of the process. Each individual has different feelings about this and it can be important to discuss this as a family. The consideration of children being present is also a personal one. The ages and maturity of the children should be considered. 

The aftercare of your pet.


There are several pet cremation and burial services available. These services can collect your pet from your home or be transferred by the veterinary staff. Some pet owners may want to bury their pet at home but please be aware that the local councils have restrictions on this. 

  • Pet Angel funerals


  • Pets in Peace


Dealing with grief


Different people experience grief in different ways. It is perfectly normal and acceptable to cry as this is a very sad time for you and your family. Pets are a very special part of any family, and their passing is deeply felt. 

Sometimes the grief experienced is overwhelming and if severe this can make normal life unmanageable. Professional counselling is available to support you through this period. 

Lifeline 24 hour counselling service: 

  • Phone: 13 11 14
  • website: www.lifeline.org.au



Some suggestions for personal remembrance of your beloved pet include: 

  • Save a piece of your pet's fur. 
  • Plant a tree in honour of your pet.
  • Scattering ashes in a favourite place. 
  • Paw print remembrance
  • Candle ceremony
  • Hold a memorial service 
  • Compile a photo album, scrapbook or memory box. 
  • Encourage children to draw or paint pictures to help express their love and grief.